King Content and SEO

SEO is a process of making the web pages easily accessible to web search results. When we type a word or a phrase in any search engine, it gives back the results of the query. There are a lot of ways to
improve your ranking both good and bad. Very often people are so concerned about getting a high ranking, that they forget about the people reading it. But last year Big G (Google ) changed their algorithm (penguin and panda updates) because they know that the customer is the most important. Big G made these changes “permanent”, until their next update, with hummingbird. Now there are a lot of people scratching their heads trying to figure out how to game the new rules. I know, some of you are saying Bob; I got hit hard and am just getting back to the top couple pages. I can’t afford to lose that much traffic again. There has to be a way to stay ahead of Googles ever expanding menagerie. I’m here to tell you there definitely is a way to do just that. It is called having quality content. I don’t ever see a time in the future where quality content won’t be king. Well, optimized or not, at the end of the day what matters is content. No matter what kind of optimization processes you use, you have got to have solid content. Content is the back bone of every article, of every page and of every blog. Without quality content, it is all useless. You will end up providing your readers with loads of crap to read. Obviously, this not what anyone wants. One cannot simply optimize a page for better visibility in search results if it does not have quality content; those days are long gone. Serving your reader a plate filled with useless information in place of useful content will only get bad reviews. Admit it, not everyone is well versed in the art of writing. This is not an excuse for poor content. The digital age has made writers available from all over the globe. Find one that has a style that fits your liking and, provide him or her with your detailed requirement and let him or her do the job. Everyone wins. Content will always be King after all people are still the ones doing the searches.


Hi, I'm Robert (Bob) McCombie founder and CEO of McCombie Marketing Solutions. I am passionate about family, veterans, business and marketing.

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